Benjy “Benjyfishy” Fish, a professional gamer from the United Kingdom, has decided to stop playing competitive Fortnite in favor of the multiplayer shooter Valorant.

The British player, who is now 18 years old and made his debut in Fortnite in 2018, when he was just 14 years old, then moved to NRG and established himself as a prominent player there, amassing almost two million followers on Twitter alone.

Recently, he’s been spending a lot of time playing Valorant, and now he made his decision official: he’s going to stop playing Fortnite in favor of Valorant’s team shooter.

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What Benjyfishy Had To Say About Making The Transition To Valorant

Benjyfishy expressed his disenchantment with Fortnite by saying, “Recently I fell out of love with Fortnite. I used to be able to play it for eight to ten hours a day, but even last season I was only playing during the tournaments.”

The reason I wanted to become a professional gamer was so that I could have a job that I enjoyed; therefore, it does not make sense for me to continue doing something that I do not enjoy doing right now.

“I’ve been playing a ton of Valorant recently, on and off stream, and it’s truly the most fun I’ve ever had gaming, probably since the Fortnite World Cup or playing trios together with Mitr0 and [fellow UK pro player and the most talked about esports player on Twitter] Mongraal. “It’s the most fun I’ve had gaming probably since the Fortnite World Cup or playing trios together with Mitr0 and [fellow UK pro player and

“I can’t express how thankful I am that I’ve been able to turn my passion for Fortnite into a career as a professional player over the past four years. If you’re a fan of the game Valorant and want to see me play a lot of it, make sure you stop by my stream and subscribe to my channel on YouTube.

“Recently I fell out of love with Fortnite. I used to be able to play it for eight to ten hours a day, but even last season I was just playing during the tournaments. I used to be able to play it for such amounts of time. I’ve been playing a ton of Valorant recently, both on and off stream, and I have to say that it’s honestly the most fun I’ve ever had playing a video game—probably ever since the Fortnite World Cup.”

Benjyfishy has stated that he will continue to work with his esports organization, NRG, and will be creating content for Valorant on their behalf moving forward.

In addition, he expressed his gratitude to a number of individuals who have assisted him during his time spent competing in esports. One of these individuals was his mother, Anne “mamabenjyfishy” Fish, who became the first professional gamer mother to sign with an esports team organization when she joined Galaxy Racer the previous year.

Additionally, Benjyfishy expressed his gratitude to his pair partner MrSavage, whom he referred to as “the best player I have ever played with and a friend for life.”

The late last year saw the publication of a pair of books about Fortnite esports written by Benjyfishy’s mother and Mr. Savage’s father, both of which were reviewed on this site.

Benjyfishy had a lot of experience playing League of Legends and CS:GO when he was younger, and he was on the cusp of turning his passion for both games into a professional career. In the end, though, he chose to focus on Fortnite after Epic’s battle royale game was released.

When he was only 12 years old, he had already achieved Platinum 1 status in League of Legends, and in CS:GO he had reached the Supreme rank. During his trip to the United States, he also stopped by the CLG offices to take a look at the League of Legends Championship Series trophy.

Benjy comes from a small island village in Surrey, where he received his education at home and his mother recognized and supported his love in esports. Benjy currently competes in the Overwatch League.

Benjyfishy is also represented by the management company Loaded, with whom he inked a contract approximately one and a half years ago.

In the previous several years, because to the pandemic, the Fortnite World Cup has been put on hold, while the Fortnite North American Championship has persisted (Guild player Hen won a FNCS EU final back in March). On the other hand, two years after the game’s first release, it looks like Valorant is only becoming better and better.

There is the Valorant Champions Tour (VCT), the Game Changers for women and other marginalized genders, the Valorant Regional Leagues (including Polaris in the UK and Nordics), franchise-like leagues that are on the horizon, the lower-tier Valorant Beacon grassroots series, and more.

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