G2 Esports has stated, in a farewell video released on October 18, that it has parted ways with the Valorant roster it had previously employed.

The announcement comes approximately a month after the group was passed over for a partnership place in Riot Games’ Americas league for the Valorant Champions Tour.

According to The Washington Post, G2 were not allowed to participate in the partnered league because the CEO Carlos Rodrguez tweeted a video of himself at a party chatting with Andrew Tate.

Tate was there at the party. Before Carlos finally resigned from his position with the organization, he was first placed on unpaid suspension by the organization for a period of eight weeks.

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It was believed that G2 was already trying to recruit players and employees from Valorant in North America in preparation for earning the place from Riot. After the list of the partnered teams was released, multiple G2 players and staff members took to social media to announce that the organization had given them permission to investigate other opportunities for the 2023 season even though they were still bound by their contracts with the G2 organization.

Players from G2 Valorant move on.

Despite the fact that the team has released the players from their contracts, the players are considered restricted free agents and are therefore eligible to receive offers from other teams.

During the summer for the Valorant, several players from the G2 lineup have been rumored to be interested in playing for other teams. Reportedly in negotiations with associated organization Team Heretics are Auni ‘AvovA’ Chahade and’scar’mixwell’ Colocho, while ygimantas ‘nukkye’ Chmieliauskas was linked with NAVI at the beginning of October.

G2 was the greatest team in Europe before the VCT circuit was founded. They won six straight tournaments in 2020 and placed in the top four in First Strike Europe. While G2 is not a behemoth on the world stage, they were the best team in Europe.

Following that, the squad was successful in qualifying for two international competitions on LAN. G2 finished in the top four of the VCT Stage 3 Masters competition in Berlin in 2021, and they finished in the top six of the VCT Stage 1 Masters competition in Reykjavik in 2022.

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