Today was the day that brought an end to the nail-biting Grand Finals of the PUBG Mobile Pro League (PMPL): Brazil Fall 2022. INCO Gaming came out on top after six matches amongst the top 16 teams who qualified through the League Stage. They had 94 points and 34 frags, which put them in first place.

After them in second place were the veteran Brazilian powerhouse Alpha 7 Esports, who came so close to winning the event but ultimately fell short by only one point. They had 93 points and had eliminated 31 players.

These two teams fought tooth and nail throughout all six of the matches, and despite the fact that Alpha7 Esports came in fourth place in the last match, they still managed to come in second place overall. The Grand Finals champion team was awarded a cash prize of $13,500, while the team that came in second place was awarded $9,500.

Vivo Keyd was able to secure the third place finish as a result of their continuous appearances on the podium. In spite of the fact that the squad did not have a chicken meal, they still managed to earn 85 points with 35 frags. The side was presented with a check for the amount of $8,500 as their prize.

Teams from Brazil’s Pro League who have qualified for the PMGC in 2022

1) Vivo Keyd (1263 points)

2) Alpha 7 Esports (1184 points)

On the basis of their total PMPL (Spring and Fall) regional results, the two teams have now secured their spots in the League Stage of the PMGC: 2022 tournament that will take place in the Brazilian area.

Allocations from the PMPL for the Fall 2022 Grand Finals in Brazil

The tournament’s top five teams have earned spots in the forthcoming PMPL: Americas Championship Fall 2022. This event will take place in 2022. On the other side, the teams that finished thirteenth through sixteenth have been moved down to the PMNC: Brazil Fall 2022.

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Teams that have earned a spot in the PMPL Americas Fall Championship 2022

1) INCO Gaming

2) Alpha 7 Esports

3) Vivo Keyd

4) Loops Esports

5) Rise Esports

Because Influence Chemin Esports had already secured their spot in the PMPL: Americas Championship Fall as a result of their victory in the spring championship, the next team in the overall leaderboard, Rise Esports, was given the opportunity to compete in the fall tournament in Influence Chemin Esports’s place.

Teams that finished in last place in the Brazil Fall 2022 Grand Finals and were relegated to the PMNC

1) Flamengo Esports

2) Team INTZ

3) K9 Esports

4) Ground Round Mercenaries

After being eliminated from the League Stage of the PUBG Mobile Pro League: Brazil Fall, these teams will join the other four squads who had previously been demoted to the PMNC: 2022.

An Overview of the Grand Finals in Brazil in the Fall of 2022

In addition to the top three teams in the Grand Finals, several more teams also produced commendable achievements in the tournament’s last stage, which was the Grand Finals.

One of these teams was the veteran Loops Esports squad, which ended up in fourth place with 84 points and won a solitary chicken supper. After them, the dominant team Influence Chemin Esports, who had been performing exceptionally well, took fifth place in the overall standings.

Storm Gaming, who had previously finished in second place in the tournament’s League Stage, performed poorly in the finals and finished seventh overall with 71 points. The team was unable to raise their performance level during pivotal points in numerous matches, which resulted in a performance that was consistently below par throughout the entirety of the championships.

Following the conclusion of the Grand Finals, attention will now turn to the Americas Fall 2022 Championship. At this competition, the Brazilian teams that have qualified for the tournament will attempt to demonstrate their prowess.

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