Jimmy “Marved” Nguyen, who plays for OpTic Gaming in the VALORANT competitive team, is not yet prepared to join a VCT partner team.

After OpTic’s attempt to snag a position in the partnership program in September was unsuccessful, Marved’s future has been in limbo ever since. The 22-year-old player mentioned in a recent stream that he has gotten offers from a number of organizations, but that he does not currently intend to relocate to Los Angeles, which is the city in which the VALORANT Americas competition will be held.

After what he calls a “exhausting” year, the player for OpTic desires to take some time off and take care of some personal business at his residence.

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Marved expressed his desire to remain in their current location, stating that he had no plans to go to Los Angeles just yet. “There are things at home that require my attention and for which I am responsible. I am obligated to do this. What you folks don’t understand is that it was a really draining experience the previous year. I engaged in a great deal of gaming. Moving to Los Angeles is required in order to start a franchise, but I don’t think this is the ideal time for me to make the move. I’m still young.”

When users of Marved’s stream inquire about the next steps he plans to take in his professional VALORANT career, an automated response message is triggered on his broadcast. The post from the OpTic star states that he has been suffering from burnout for a considerable amount of time.

As of right now, Marved’s automated reply message is, “With sentiments of being burnt out for a while, my present life condition with family, friends, and loved ones, and also with how much traveling needs to be done, I have decided as of right now to take a hiatus.” “That does not mean that I am finished,” she said.

While Marved’s position in VALORANT is still up in the air, his former superstar teammate Jaccob “yay” Whiteaker has moved on to play for Cloud9, and according to Dot Esports, the group consisting of Pujan “FNS” Mehta, Victor Wong, Austin “crashies” Roberts, and coach Chet Singh is on the verge of signing with NRG.

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