This year, the OG Dota 2 squad was forced to compete in all Major competitions, with the exception of the Riad Masters, with a substitute player because visa concerns prevented them from participating.

Despite having achieved a great deal of success, all of the team members have shown a readiness to carry on playing with the team’s absent member, Misha. This will be the case in the upcoming competition, The International 2022.

A feature that included OG’s squad members and Ceb was published on the Twitter account. Fans had the misconception that OG was getting ready to play with a substitute once again because the former winner of The International had filled in for the squad in previous competitions.

In a follow-up tweet, OG revealed that Ceb would be joining the squad as a second coach. This meant that OG would finally get to play with its whole lineup in a Valve LAN event, and that event would be the largest of its kind.

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The most recent incarnation of OG was assembled in November 2021, and in a relatively short amount of time, the group was able to establish itself as one of the best teams in the world.

If you were able to win on your home soil, it would earn you a spot in tournaments hosted all around the world, where you would go up against the top teams from other countries.

In spite of the fact that OG was successful in getting four of its players to the tournament venues without any complications, Misha was plagued with visa issues throughout the entire year. Because OG was short a player for the majority of the main competitions, either OG’s co-founder and two-time winner of The International Ceb or the team’s coach Chuvash had to fill in.

Not only is the process of finding replacement players a stressful one for teams, but it can also be taxing for the player who is unable to participate in the tournament. Misha is also the captain of the OG squad, and he led his comrades in a valiant effort throughout the season to achieve their goal of reaching the top leagues.

Even though they had strong showings in the regular DPC season, neither OG nor Misha allowed their failure to make the Majors to dampen their spirits over their prospects for the future.

The International 2022 will be the second LAN event that the OG will get to play with its class of 2021, and they are already considered to be one of the teams that has a good chance of finishing in the top spots.

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