Ali Zain allegedly admitted to the shooting deaths of his mother, two sisters, and a brother on January 18, and when questioned by the police over the weekend, he stated that the game was the catalyst for his violent behavior.

Imran Kishwar, a police investigator, stated to reporters in the city of Lahore, located in the country’s eastern region, that “this is not the first incidence of such sort,” adding, “therefore we have decided to recommend a ban for PUBG.”

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“Battle royale” games like PUBG are played in online multiplayer settings, and the victor is the person who stays alive the longest.

According to Kishwar, Ali, 18, spent his entire life locked up in his room and was completely addicted to the game.

According to a statement that was published in the Dawn newspaper, a police official in Lahore claimed that Ali “shot at his family thinking that they will also return back to life, as happened in the game.”

PUBG has quickly become one of the most popular mobile games in the world, and it is sometimes compared to the wildly successful book and film series “The Hunger Games.”

After receiving several complaints about the game’s graphic nature and level of violence, the telecoms authorities in Pakistan have previously temporarily barred access to the game.

In a number of other nations, including India and China, the game is against the law and has been punished with a temporary or permanent ban.

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