S2G and Besiktas Esports have secured their places in the PUBG Mobile Global Championship (PMGC) 2022 by placing first and second, respectively, in the Turkish regional rankings.

These rankings were determined by tallying up the total number of points earned in both the spring and fall seasons of this year’s PMPL.

Both S2G and Besiktas Esports have qualified for the four million dollar mega event that will begin on November 22. S2G finished in first place with a total of 1658 points, while Besiktas Esports finished in second place, close behind with 1644 points. It’s interesting to note that the team also participated in the PMWI 2022 Afterparty competition.

Tencent has designated two spots in this year’s PMGC competition to come from the Turkish regional ranks. At the event, 51 teams from all over the world will compete against one another in order to win the renowned trophy and the enormous cash prize.

Next Ruya, another famous PUBG Mobile squad from Turkey, ended in third place with a total of 1447 points, followed by Fire Flux Esports. The PMPL Turkey Spring championship was taken home by the Istanbul Wildcats, however the team struggled throughout the fall season and finished in eighth place overall.

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S2G and Besiktas Esports’ performances in the 2022 PUBG Mobile Pro League Turkey

Springtime for PMPL

S2G Esports was victorious in the League Stage, finishing in first place with 480 points, and then went on to finish in fourth place in the Grand Finals with 168 points. Besiktas Esports finished in second position throughout the League Stage with a total of 445 points, although they ended up taking third place at the Finals.


Today marked the conclusion of this competition, during which S2G emerged victorious to claim the title of champions for this season. They finished in second place in the League Stage with 782 points, and they took first place in the Grand Finals with 228 points because to their outstanding performance throughout the competition.

Besiktas Esports also got off to a fantastic start, finishing first in the league standings with 817 points and second in the Finals with 207 points.

The teams who have qualified for the PMPL European Championship Fall

The tournament will take place from the 20th to the 23rd of October, and it will feature eight teams from PMPL Turkey and eight teams from PMPL Western Europe.

  1. S2G Esports
  2. Besiktas Esports
  3. Ozarox Esports
  4. Fire Flux Esports
  5. Good Guys
  6. Surreal Esports
  7. New World Esports
  8. Istanbul Wildcats
  9. MadBulls
  10. HVVP (Ex NAVI)
  11. Virtus.pro
  12. Unicorns of Love
  13. TJB Esports EU
  14. DE Meutre
  15. Qodex
  16. Pioner

Although Fire Flux Esports displayed impressive resilience throughout the fall season, they were unable to place in the top two in the overall regional rankings. Even though they won the PMGC 2021 League West, Next Ruya were unable to compete in the PUBG Mobile European championship. In fact, they did not even qualify for the tournament.

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