In the group stage of The International 11 (TI11), the teams representing Southeast Asia (SEA) have not been able to live up to expectations (TI11).

Dota 2’s most important tournament is being held in the Southeast Asia (SEA) area for the first first time, but it does not appear like any of the region’s teams that are participating will have a home-field advantage in the competition. BOOM Esports, Talon Esports, and Fnatic are the teams that are representing Southeast Asia, and all three of them have underperformed, with the first two teams floundering and coming perilously close to elimination.

Both Talon and Fnatic were victorious in one of the two series that they competed in on the third day of TI11. On the other hand, BOOM, which was widely regarded as the most formidable Southeast Asian team going into the competition, was defeated in all three of their matches by a score of 2-0 and now appears likely to be the first team to be eliminated from the tournament.

The Southeast Asian region has had the worst performance thus far in The International 11 (TI11). This is due to the fact that several South American teams, such as Hokori and Thunder Predator, have been performing admirably, while the North American powerhouse Evil Geniuses has stood out as the best team in the group stages.

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Southeast Asia

It is possible that two teams from Southeast Asia may be eliminated in the group round of TI11.

Talon’s performance over the first two days of the competition was relatively lackluster, and their performance on day three was not any better, as evidenced by their defeat at the hands of beastcoast 2-0. After that, it was time to move on to a fight versus Fnatic in the regional arena.

Talon was able to pick up its first win in the group stage with a 2-0 victory over Fnatic after displaying a strong performance. The one bright spot for Southeast Asia has been Fnatic, who has maintained their position in the middle of the pack following day three of the competition.

The other series that Fnatic competed in on that day was against Team Aster, and the Southeast Asian team won that series 2-0 despite losing both of the games that were quite close.

After a disappointing opening two days in the group round, BOOM fans were holding out hope for their team to turn things around. But this bunch of primarily first-timers was unable to play well when it meant the most, despite the fact that they had been competitive in many international LANs this year.

BOOM played three series on the third day of the tournament, and they all ended in defeat by a score of 2-0. They were outplayed in the most of these losses, marking their worst showing in recent memory.

As we go closer to the end of the competition, it becomes increasingly likely that BOOM will be eliminated from the competition in the group stage. In order to force tiebreakers, the team needs to win its final series against Evil Geniuses, who is the strongest team in the group stage, and hope that BetBoom Team and Soniqs have terrible showings.

Talon must also win its last two series against Entity and Team Secret with a higher level of play in order to force a tiebreaker; else, the team will have to pack up and head back home.

Despite the poor performances of BOOM and Talon, Fnatic is still a viable opponent in the group stage and has a chance to secure a position in the upper bracket playoffs. The team has never been anything special in terms of TI placements, but Southeast Asian Dota 2 players are looking forward to Fnatic putting in the extra effort necessary to advance a significant distance in the playoffs this season.

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