TNC – Have you ever wished that you could compete in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang alongside some of the game’s most skilled players?

Or have you ever been curious about what it would be like to compete in one of the most prestigious esports leagues in the country? It’s possible that wish will come true very soon.

TNC has announced that it will be holding open trials for its MLBB squad in the coming months, as part of its ongoing search for new players to fill roster spots on the club.

The company made the decision public on its Facebook page, kicking off the search for new players who have the potential to be a part of the Phoenix squad in the upcoming season.

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They wrote, “It’s time to rise up and be legendary with TNC.” “Now is your time to make your dream come true and play in the Major Leagues professionally!”

When screening applications, some teams have stringent rank and experience requirements, however TNC has not set any restrictions and has encouraged anybody who is passionate about the game to apply. Other teams have standards that applicants must meet.

Participants who believe they have what it takes to compete can sign up on their official Google Form beginning today and continuing through October 23.

TNC had its breakthrough season in Season 9, finishing third in the playoffs despite having just two players with previous MPL experience in its lineup. This led to the team’s breakout success. The organization made the decision to keep the same lineup for Season 10, although it was unable to achieve the same level of success as in previous seasons. After only winning two of the regular season’s 12 series, they were unable to qualify for the playoffs and missed out on the opportunity.

It would appear that they are searching for new talent at this point in order to help turn things around.

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