Celebrating 125 Years of ASTM International

The dedication and tireless efforts of ASTM’s 32,000+ international members impact the quality, safety, and productivity of more than 100+ industries. With more than 12,900 standards, ASTM improves the lives of millions worldwide: helping our world work better and helping us all live better.

A Letter from our President

It is an exciting time at ASTM International. This year, we’re celebrating our 125th anniversary. 

As we’ve prepared for this year, I’ve had the opportunity of looking back at ASTM’s journey, and am humbled by the incredible impact we, as an organization, have made on society since our founding in 1898. While ASTM International has changed and evolved over the last 125 years, one constant has remained – a steadfast commitment to helping our world work better through the development of standards and services that enhance industry performance and empower consumer confidence every day.

We know this momentous milestone would never have been possible without the amazing and enduring work of our ASTM International family. From steel to sustainability, construction to commercial spaceflight, ASTM’s 30,000+ global members, bolstered by our governance and staff, have worked tirelessly to craft and refine more than 13,000 technical standards from nearly 150 committees. Through the work of our global partners and nearly 125 Memoranda of Understanding, ASTM standards have been cited nearly 8,000 times in laws and regulations around the world. What began with the railroad industry at the height of the industrial age has evolved into important activity across more than 90 industry sectors, including aviation, consumer products, and advanced manufacturing.

This is a year filled with celebrations and recognitions of ASTM’s journey to 125 years. Here on this hub, you’ll be able to learn about ASTM’s rich and storied history through our interactive timeline, find and register for upcoming key events, scroll through photos and testimonials from supporting organizations and global partners, and much more. We encourage you to join us at upcoming events, send in your submissions, and help us celebrate.

ASTM International’s history is robust. This year, we’ll be celebrating everywhere that we’ve been while also looking forward to our future – a future full of exciting activity within emerging industries like exoskeletons, automation, commercial spaceflight, robotics, and things we haven’t even dreamed of yet. Despite the unknown, one thing will remain consistent: ASTM’s dedication to helping our world work better. It’s a cornerstone of our last 125 years, and will follow through into our future.

And that is certainly worth celebrating.

Katharine E. Morgan, President
ASTM’s timeline is robust. Interactively follow along with our history, starting in 1898 through today.
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