White Papers

As one of the world's leading standards developers, ASTM International staff create white papers on timely topics that advance important concepts for the global standardization community.

Roles and Responsibilities for Operational Control in the Age of Increasingly Autonomous Flight

This white paper discusses the shifting landscape of automation and autonomy in aviation, focusing on the role of aircraft operators, pilots, and other stakeholders in ensuring accountability.

Global Collaboration to Advance Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) Safety, Quality, and Innovation

This white paper discusses the current state of standards development for infection control PPE and the formation of an ASTM-led global collaboration platform to identify and address, in an ongoing capacity, key challenges and needs.

Standards Development: Enabling Manufacturing Innovation and Accelerating Commercialization

The innovation and standards development communities must continue to partner on developing both standards and technology roadmaps in concert to ensure a clear strategy for enabling manufacturing innovation and accelerating commercialization.

Strengthening Transatlantic Trade Through a Common Understanding on Standards

This paper explains significant challenges related to the differences in the U.S. and European approaches to standards development. Then it offers suggestions for greater cooperation, innovation, and joint leadership.