Petroleum Reference Materials

ASTM Petroleum, Liquid Fuel and Lubricant Reference Materials

Reduce risk, improve processes, and capture the accurate and precise data you need with ASTM International Reference Materials.

With access to a wide variety of petroleum products at multiple levels, our reference materials provide highly accurate reference values and very low uncertainty estimates based on test results from labs all over the world.

Reference materials from ASTM International provide a cost-effective solution without sacrificing analytical accuracy – a must for any lab and equipment manufacturer or distributor.

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Why ASTM Reference Materials?

  • Work with a trusted international standards provider

  • Receive only high-quality, validated samples

  • Improve precision and accuracy of testing

  • Promote confidence in your data with low estimates of uncertainty

  • Avoid product failures and resulting complaints

  • Reduce risk and increase production and efficiency

  • Improve ROI on equipment and decrease overall costs

  • Provide more experience for analysts and lab technicians

  • Demonstrate quality and boost credibility in the marketplace

  • Meet regulatory requirements

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